Hugo Alvarado


Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.
1948 - 2020


Hugo Alvarado

Artist's Statement: My name Is Hugo Alvarado. I'm a painter. I came from Chile many years ago. I want to say thank you to my family, my friends and all the people that helped me along the way in my journey as an artist.

-- Hugo    

Hugo Alvarado was an artist whose work mainly consisted of cityscapes, landscapes, still life, and nudes.

Hugo loved his family and community, and spent life as a professional artist supporting both. Apart from painting Hugo also taught art classes for the last 20 years, becoming a mentor and friend to many along the way.

To see his work, please visit the Gallery Page. Hugo updated the gallery every time he finished a new painting or sold/donated artwork. The Gallery remains exactly as Hugo left it, including values in 2020 and 'sold' notices on certain pieces. All remaining work is not for sale and is now part of his personal collection.

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